Odessa College Emergency Aid Pilot Program

Published: Oct. 18, 2023 at 5:35 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - College is expensive and can cause students to drop out to pay other expenses.

But the Odessa College Emergency Aid pilot program has helped many students achieve their dream and finish school.

Of all the students that received aid from the emergency aid pilot program at Odessa College. More than ninety-percent were able to earn their college degree.

Every student dreams of completing their college degree and starting their career.

But if a student faces an emergency, it could ruin their chances of graduating.

The Believe in students non-profit started the pilot aid program to prevent that from happening.

“It ensures that students can start their education and when life happens and they have a flat tire, or they are not able to pay an electricity bill. We can support them so they can meet that particular need.” said VP student services, enrollment management at Odessa college, Kim McKay.

Twelve-hundred requests were funded to over eight-hundred Odessa College students.

One-hundred forty six aid recipients graduated the semester they received emergency funds.

“It gives our students the opportunity to pursue a career that’s really going to change their lives. Emergency aid is the thing that we say is creating a solution to change their lives forever and it will change their family lives as well.” said Kim McKay.

The aid program has been a game changer for students.

It impacts students psychologically and financially within their families.

“If they can take away that one burden that they are facing, they can focus on their coursework. They can focus on their families and they can complete successfully to help their families reach a different income bracket” said the exec. dir student completion at Odessa College Kristi Klemmer.

Students who are facing financial crisis can request emergency aid at believesinstudents.org

Once it is approved, they will transfer the cash directly into the student’s bank account.