PSP launches Get Out the Vote campaign in hopes of increasing voter turnout

Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 10:06 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - The Permian Strategic Partnership has launched the get out the vote campaign ahead of election day.

November 7th is election day. The campaign targets both English and Spanish speakers across West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico.

“Our region is incredibly important to not only the country, the state of Texas and New Mexico but the world and what we do locally will manifest itself at all of those levels,” said President and CEO of the PSP Tracee Bentley.

The PSP’s 2023 get out the vote campaign is in collaboration with the Midland Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

“We need to engage the Hispanic community as they grow within this community and within our region that they’re voice matters and the opportunity for them to make change is in their hands and in their voice,” said President of the Midland Hispanic Chamber Adrian Carrasco.

Voter turnout is less than 10%.

“People think my vote doesn’t matter but all you have to do is look back historically and you can see across our regions elections have literally been won or lost by a handful of votes,” said Bentley.

Carrasco says in the Hispanic community turnout is even lower.

“I think it’s education. I think we need to go back to grassroots efforts, go out and knock on doors and be where they are at so we can explain to them why voting is important and what they’re voting for,” said Carrasco.

You have until October 10th to register to vote.

“There are so many important issues on the ballots across our region and that’s all the way from school bonds to mayors to city council to school boards and everything in between,” said Bentley.

They hope to see a higher voter turnout.

“The voter base is so important, that is real change in the local area, that is real change in our region that is so so important as we fuel the world here in the Permian Basin,” said Carrasco.

The goal is to get everyone registered, and educated on where to vote and what’s on the ballot.

“In the past couple years there have been some questions around ballots and elections but what folks need to know is that the system works and here in West Texas and Southeast New Mexico we can count on the system,” said Bentley.

You can go to the Permian Strategic Partnership website and the Midland Hispanic Chamber to learn more about how you can get involved and the next steps you can take to vote.