PLAYER(S) of the Week: Forsan Buffaloes Running Backs

Published: Sep. 21, 2023 at 2:18 PM CDT
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FORSAN, Texas (KOSA) - The Forsan Buffaloes completely dominated the running game in their Friday win over the McCamey Badgers as the team ran for 382 yards.

Head coach Jason Phillips is pleased with the amount of control his team had out of 48 minutes.

“It’s really good when you can run the football like that number one, it takes a lot of pressure off your defense because you’re having long-sustained drives, and I think we had 26 first downs, I think our time of possession was 33-34 minutes which is amazing when you’re doing that, you’re going to win most of your football games, and hopefully we can continue to do that,” said Head Coach Jason Phillips.

Senior running back Grant Roman ran for 78 yards and added a touchdown in Friday night’s win; he maintains high confidence in the running back core the Buffaloes currently have

“We got Huston Stockton, you know, he’s a dawg, we got Kevin Kligora, he’s a dawg, then we got me, we’re just all around, dawgs, honestly we can’t stop getting the ball, all five yards everytime we touch the ball, for instance, we got to push it down,” said Grant Roman

For Huston Stockton, he had a career night reaching triple digits in yardage while adding three touchdowns.

“It felt really good actually, I’m hoping they would I never ran 100 yards in a game before, so that was a first for me,” said Huston Stockton.

And the running backs of Forsan, couldn’t have done it without their front-line.

“Our linemen just did outstanding that game, they couldn’t get enough, it was just like they were out there scrimmaging against our JV and they were just getting ahold of them,” said Roman.

“They work together really well, they make the right calls, probably one of the best lines I’ve seen at Forsan High School,” said Kevin Kligora.

And for those who wonder if Friday night’s performance was a record, it wasn’t but it was close.

“I think one time we rushed for over a little over four hundred but it’s right up there, and if it’s not the record, it’s really close,” said Phillips.