JROTC State-of-the-Art New Flight Simulators

Published: Sep. 20, 2023 at 5:30 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - Midland ISD JROTC program has a new flight simulator for cadets to learn how to operate an airplane.

The JROTC program was awarded a ten-thousand dollar grant from the Midland education foundation and used it to purchase the new flight simulators.

Flight simulators are a critical tool for students hoping to become pilots.

The simulators provide a hands-on experience that expands opportunities in the military and aviation careers.

“These are the basic fundamentals like your controls, knowing your instruments, your gauges, and knowing how to actually read them and identifying them.” said MISD JROTC inspector general and flight simulator manager.

The flight simulators engage the cadets by increasing the basic aerodynamics and navigation.

It helps them for the aviation qualifying test which is a requirement for the JROTC flight scholarship.

“This helps a lot with our scholarships for private pilot license within this program. Also, if people are planning on a military pilot background when they grow up or a commercial airline.” said cadet captain and flight simulator core commander Margie Altany.

One of the cadets showed me what it takes to operate the simulator.

“I’m trying to push the throttle down more and it requires me to push the flaps down and I am angling upwards. so a lot of things to take care of at once.” said Altany.

The JROTC cadets believe the new state-of-the-art simulators will be a steppingstone in their careers.

“They actually help to get a feel like how actually feel stepping foot in an aircraft and try to fly it.” said Wakeland.

Midland high principal Dr Seybert played a crucial role in purchasing the new flight simulators for JROTC students.