Midland College celebrates U.S. Air Forces’ 76th birthday

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Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 7:58 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -One of the nations youngest military branches celebrated its 76th birthday today. The United States Air Force was established as an independent branch in 1947

To celebrate its anniversary, Midland College had a ceremony where current and retired members of this branch celebrate with a birthday party.

Almost 18 million people celebrate their birthday everyday, however, this was a different celebration for those that are serving and that have served in the U.S. Air Force.

“My mothers father, was also Army Air Corp. Served in World War 2. Shot down five times, it’s just the stories that you hear, about how we got to where we are, it’s just amazing to know that hey I’m going to be a part of that.” said Paul McGuire, veteran of the United States Air Force.

At this celebration, one member of the Air Force who just came back from tech training spoke, and handed out cake.

He was side by side with a veteran who served in the air force for six years.

The newest member of the US Air Force spoke about what it means for him to wear that uniform.

“The fact to join something greater than what I am, it really means a lot to me. Not only for what I hold on my left side but what I also hold to my right.” said Gustavo Vega, Security Forces in the United States Air Force.

Although the word air is in the name of their military branch, many of the men and women that serve there aren’t all pilots.

In fact, only 4% of personnel in the Air Force are pilots.

“The Air Force has such a small amount of pilots actually we do quite a bit.” said McGuire.

As the Air Force provides many more services, such as programming, communications and languages.

The Air Force was involved in conflicts like the Korean War, Vietnam War, Iraq War and many operations in the middle east.

On days like today, the men and women serving appreciate everyday that they’re alive, and always remember those that aren’t with us anymore.

“It’s not just a coat and uniforma that you put on, you know. You have to remember everyone before you that put it on as well. Everyone who sacrificed their lives, and who continues to sacrifice their lives for this country.” said Vega.