Hunger Action Month: Volunteers needed to fight food insecurity

Published: Sep. 19, 2023 at 4:43 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Volunteers are the driving force that keeps the West Texas Food Bank mission alive during Hunger Action Month and beyond.

That’s according to staffers who say those people carry the load amid growing food insecurity in West Texas.

Staff say if people can’t donate food or funds, they might consider donating time.

“No man’s an island. It takes all of us. We need each other,” said Maurice Bonecutter, who has volunteered at the food bank nearly every week since 2019.

That’s a common attitude among the volunteers who continue to show up. It’s regulars that keep the food bank running, said Hallie Oden, volunteer coordinator at the food bank.

“Without them, we would not be able to accomplish it weekly, monthly, anything like that,” Oden said. “We would not be still surviving without volunteers like them.”

On Thursday mornings, you can find 97-year-old Bonecutter serving as the glue between indoor and outdoor work during drive through food service.

“I shove the cart out the door and bring the empty one back, and give it to the next person in the assembly line,” Bonecutter said.

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Some may remember Bonecutter from a June CBS7 story. He continues to be a star volunteer who’s known for his leadership, said Martha Carrasco, event coordinator at the food bank.

“All you have to do is what Maury tells you to do,” Carrasco said with a laugh. “He’s our number one volunteer so if he says put the box this way, put the box that way because he will remind you that you’re doing it wrong.”

One of those mentees is Giles Kemp, who is now a regular volunteer.

“Since I’ve started here, volunteering, the workload has increased,” Kemp said. “So it puts a lot on the few people that are consistent here if others don’t show up. The workload gets pretty hefty. Volunteers are needed.”

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Amid inflation and high utility costs this summer, the food bank has seen more patrons. However, Bonecutter said the call to help isn’t new.

“It seems that there’s always been a need and if we can help fulfill that need, we’re happy to do it, plus the comradery of people working together is valuable too,” Bonecutter said.

To join others like Bonecutter and Kemp, call the West Texas Food Bank at 432-580-6333 for more information or visit its website.

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CBS7 is covering hunger all month. If you want to take action, you can sign your business up to host a barrel for our peanut butter brigade by emailing

To donate peanut butter to the brigade, visit a barrel at any Market Street or United Supermarket, or at the locations below.

Donate in Midland:

  • Grace & Hustle
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • First H&H Holdings
  • Miss Cayce’s Wonderland
  • Advance Electrolysis
  • Texas Sun Winery
  • MeliRose Boutique

Donate in Odessa:

  • Standard Structures
  • CBS7 Studios in Music City Mall
  • Denta Dental
  • Permian Machinery Movers
  • Jordan Elementary
  • Flex 24 Fitness
  • Merle Norman
  • MeliRose Boutique