Hospice of Midland makes sure your pets are taken care of when a patient dies

Published: Sep. 18, 2023 at 4:55 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Families often turn to Hospice of Midland after a loved one is terminally ill to help with everything, from medical care to wills to even last-minute family affairs.

We often think about the human side when it comes to hospice.

However many of the patients in hospice have pets.

And sometimes it’s up to hospice care to help find those pets a new forever home.

“I only wish and hope and know that when my time comes. My time of need comes when there will be a program such as this because I love my dogs. And I don’t want them to go to a shelter” Carol Bynum, Hospice Hound Program

As the volunteer coordinator, Sandy Sandate is organizing activities across the area to make sure your loved one has something to do.

But it’s not just people’s needs that they worry about.

“We want to make sure there are patients that are terminally ill that know that we are going to find a forever home for their little pet,” said Sandy Sandate, Hospice of Midland

This month alone the pet peace of mind program for Hospice of Midland has housed a dog and a cat.

Through its pet peace of mind program, the hospice works with rescue organizations to find homes for clients who enjoy things like chew toys and back scratches.

If possible and they can’t find a home they avoid shelters and only work with no-kill shelters.

“Shelter is our last resort. We reach out to different entities, different entities that do dog rescues, or like I said our Facebook page has been very popular, and believe it or not people do reach out and people do want to help adopt. That we are going to find a forever home for their little pet” said Sandate

Hospice of Midland does need volunteers, so if you’d like to help families and dogs. Sandate says there’s definitely room to help.