Senior residents celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month at Ajuua’s Restaurant

Published: Sep. 15, 2023 at 9:33 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - To celebrate the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month an event highlighted Odessa seniors, who were served Mexican food and celebrated among their friends.

Seniors had the chance to share their favorite memories, personal stories and even sing their favorite songs, thanks to a party thrown by Ajuua’s Mexican Restaurant and Midland Health.

“We’re happy to celebrate it, you know because we’re very happy to be Hispanic’s,” said Odessa Resident Margie Martinez.

The celebration honored the first day of Hispanic Heritage Month.

“These are our abuelito’s  they know the story, they live the story, so what we’re trying to do is we have events all month long and they celebrate the different vectors,” said Executive Director of Hispanic Heritage of Odessa Carol Uranga.

Martinez says the purpose is to reminisce and remember.

“Remember where we came from okay we cannot just forget okay if we don’t teach our kids our roots that’s when we start losing that area,” said Martinez.

Uranga says every citizen, no matter what race, has a story.

“They’ve got a history, they’re somebody in their world and so we’re trying to connect as many as we can through their culture through their heritage and their traditions,” said Uranga.

Throughout the month they hope to reach younger generations, helping them keep in touch with where they came from.