Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration 2023

Published: Sep. 14, 2023 at 6:46 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -Hispanic heritage month is just around the corner and Odessa will have events starting tomorrow to celebrate Hispanic history.

The Hispanic heritage month celebrations start tomorrow morning in Odessa, and they are having these events so anyone can learn more about West Texas Hispanic heritage.

The Hispanic heritage celebration is an opportunity for people to learn more about Hispanic heritage.

You can learn to craft pinatas, decorations, and learn more about Hispanic individuals in Ector County.

“From making pinatas to making Mexican decorations. We buy a lot of them, but you can make your own. Paper flowers are decorations that are used in Mexico and that’s what we try to do. Just shape everybody up to celebrate Hispanic heritage.” said executive director of Hispanic heritage in Odessa Carol Uranga.

There are a variety of events around Midland and Odessa.

There will be a parade on Saturday to kick off the celebration month and it will be a refresher for people to learn.

“A lot of newer kids in the new generation are learning a little bit more of the history. Even growing up I am learning new stuff that I didn’t know.” said volunteer Liz Calderon.

Hispanic professionals who make an impact on the Hispanic community in Odessa will also be honored.

“We recognize educational professionals. Also, just different Latinos in the community. Men, women who have contributed to the community. that’s what we try to do during this month.” said secretary of Hispanic heritage of Odessa Cindy Luna Delgado.

The first time Hispanic heritage will show a movie later this month about the Llorona in music city mall.

The Hispanic heritage celebration starts tomorrow with the pioneer exhibit at Ector County library.