Midland County Sheriff David Criner runs for re-election

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Published: Sep. 7, 2023 at 6:51 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -Last month, Midland County Sheriff David Criner announced that he will be running for re-elected for county sheriff.

Sheriff Criner said his 40-plus years of experience in law enforcement and the Midland County Sheriff’s Office have done in the last three years, is what puts him ahead of his opponents.

“It’s just a blessing to be here and to have the support of the citizens like we do. I just get bubbly because Midland is a center where people say, somethings going on in Midland Texas. What’s so special about Midland Texas. Well it’s the people, and the support that they have for law enforcement. And that’s something that can’t be replaced.” said Sheriff Criner.

Sheriff Criner said the sheriff’s office has some of the best technology in the area to not only keep residents safe, but also officers.

Some of the best bullet proof vests, the usage of drones, and their patrolling is what makes citizens safe.

However, he said he owes all the support to his team for making Midland a safe place.

“It’s the employees that are on the ground day in and day out, working the 24-hour shifts, staying late when needed when a situation is bad. They work 24 hours straight to make sure we bring justice to the bad guys. The good guys are always going to win in Midland, Texas. The bad guys are always going to lose, as long as I’m your sheriff.” said Sheriff Criner.

Sheriff Criner says they hope to have a tag unit which is an anti-gang unit that will help identify gangs in the area.

He said the agents that have gone undercover to combat human trafficking and sexual predators has also been strong throughout his time as Midland County Sheriff.

“I’ve got five grandkids under the age of 10, and I know how important it is to keep kids safe. That’s what our job is, is to keep Midland a safe place to live, and a safe place to raise a family. And I’m dedicated to that. Like I said I’ve been dedicated to law enforcement for 42 years.” said Sheriff Criner.

Sheriff Criner said he’ll continue to fight to make sure everyone in the sheriff’s office wants to stay and are kept well.

“And I’m trying to fight every year to make sure these people are where they’re supposed to be. And I’m fighting this year to make sure the employees get the salaries that they deserve. We need to keep the people here and it’s a hard job. It’s a very difficult job.” said Sheriff Criner.

Sheriff Criner will go up against Justin Painter and Rory McKinney for the March Republican Primaries.

If you want information on his opponents click here for McKinney and here for Painter.