Justin Painter announces he’s running for Midland County Sheriff

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Published: Sep. 6, 2023 at 6:21 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -Justin Painter officially announced that he will run for Midland County Sheriff for the November election in 2024.

His father, Gary Painter, was the Midland County Sheriff for over 30 years, and now wants to follow in his fathers footsteps.

Painter said he’s seen an increase in crimes having to do with oilfield thefts and narcotics.

He mentioned that if elected Midland County Sheriff, not only will he reduce those, but he’ll also be transparent with the public.

Painter was born and raised in Midland but went on to join the United States Airforce for 12 years.

He’s worked for law enforcement departments across Texas.

Including the Andrews County and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office.

Now he’s returned to Midland to continue what his dad started.

“His legacy that he had for those 34 years, it went away, and it needs to come back. The open-door policy where y’all are allowed to come in and talk, the public can come in and talk off the streets. It needs to be a family again, the sheriff’s office does and that’s what it’s missing.” said Midland County Sheriff candidate, Justin Painter.

Painter said he’ll also work with federal agencies such as the Drug Enforcement Agency to combat drugs from entering Midland County.

He also said that he would like to introduce a drone program and use license plate readers.

Most importantly, he’ll work to have more sheriff’s patrolling the community and many more issues facing the Permian Basin.

“I plan on putting injury related crimes as a priority, along with stopping human trafficking in Midland. Our parents need to feel safe when their children go outside and not have to live in fear of them being targeted or kidnapped.” said Painter.

Although Painter wants to leave his own mark for the Midland County Sheriff’s Office.

Some of his supporters see features that his father had when he was in charge.

“It almost brought me to tears today listening to him speak. His dad would be very very proud and the Midland County citizens deserve at least what Gary brought to the table. If not more.” said Midland resident, Debbie Nichols.

Painter has a high level of respect for law enforcement and the people that run these agencies.

However, he had some words to say about his opponents.

“Both of my opponents have more than proven that they do not posses the knowledge or the ability to run an efficient and respectable sheriff’s office.” said Painter.

Painter went on to say that he feels like the current administration does not have the leadership that his father maintained for over 30 years.

Painter will be going up against current Midland County Sheriff, David Criner and Rory McKinney for the November 2024 election.