Former Chief Deputy running for Midland County Sheriff

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Published: Sep. 4, 2023 at 7:09 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -Rory McKinney announced he will run for Midland County Sheriff for the November election come 2024.

McKinney is very familiar with the Midland County Sheriff’s Office. After working there for more than 30 years.

He said one thing he brings to the table is that he will focus on combatting drugs and have a good connection with the community.

McKinney said if he’s elected, that he would implement a special crimes unit.

So that deputies can go after local drug dealers to eliminate drugs from entering Midland County.

That special teams unit would also go after people involved in human trafficking.

“We need to concentrate on our own backyard. Our brothers and sister with the federal level, they go after the head of the snake, they go after the leaders of these cartels, what we have to do is go for the tail of the snake right here in our own backyard.” said Rory McKinney, Midland County Sheriff Candidate.

McKinney said he also has a plan to make the sheriff’s more accessible to areas in Midland County like Greenwood.

“We’re in contact now with a local land owner that is willing to donate land to put a substation out in Greenwood for the sheriff’s office. And that will be more visibility for the people out in Greenwood, the response time will be cut in half if not more.” said McKinney.

That substation will help sheriff’s do their reports their instead of having to drive back to Midland.

With the number of hoaxes and threats to schools throughout the country, it will allow the sheriff’s to be closer to Greenwood ISD schools if needed.

“Our most important (thing) is the safety of the community. Especially our children. This is why this is very beneficial especially to that location out there.” said the owner of Martinez Bakery, Jorge Martinez.

Martinez worked with McKinney in the Midland County Sheriff’s Office for over ten years.

McKinney asked Martinez if he’s elected, to be his chief deputy. With their expertise and communication with the public, they believe the sheriff’s office can be one of the finest in the state.

“Morale we’re going to bring it up since day one. We’re going to actually be there for our officers, be present 24/7, go out on the good days to patrol with our officers as well. So we can gain that confidence back for them and they can also see us being there in the front lines with them” said Martinez.

McKinney lost to Midland County Sheriff David Criner back in 2020, when asked why he decided to come back, this was his response.

“I’m coming back for the employees and for the community. I think we can make a difference. It’s time to make Midland safe, and with the employees at the sheriff’s office, and me being sheriff, and with the community we can get that done.” said McKinney.

At the moment, McKinney will run against Midland County Sheriff David Criner and Justin Painter for the general elections in 2024.