Odessa dog rescued after a bullet was discovered in his throat

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Published: Sep. 1, 2023 at 11:38 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -One dog in Odessa has beaten the odds and is now heading to an organization that rescues pets.

Louie the dog was surrendered to the Odessa Animal Shelter back in July.

The animal shelter employees noticed something felt off with him and found something that shocked them.

They had the veterinarian check Louie and found that he had a bullet in his throat.

They found that he had an abcess. Which is an infection to a foreign object that causes the skin to swell up with puss.

He also has lots of bites all over his body, rough skin, and just looks sad, but thanks to Dogs Rescue R Us, he may soon have a new home.

“They transport him out, and then they get adopted across the nation so they’ll send him out to Oregon or Wisconsin and places like that. Many times, they already have an adopter lined up. You know especially since we can’t find one here.” said Odessa Animal Shelter Manager, Kelley Hendricks.

Dogs Rescue R Us has a private rescue page where they send dogs to fosters while they find a permanent place to stay.

The organizations main goal is to save dogs from any abuse.

“When you see what they’ve been through and the thought of having to euthanize for any reason, and especially space you know you want to see them get out. So when Kelley says hey this is a great dog, can you help, we jump through hoops to try to help. Because whenever we need her help, she’s always there for us.” said Shawn Blair, President of Dogs Rescue R Us.

Hendricks said the community needs to know about Louie’s story because of how common it’s become to neglect dogs in the Permian Basin.

“You have animals with chemical burns, and dogs being shot, and poisoned and stuff like that. The community needs to step up and take accountability and responsibility for animals out in public.” said Hendricks.