Hunger Action Month starts: Needs at a high in Permian Basin

Published: Sep. 1, 2023 at 6:11 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - As Hunger Action Month begins, the West Texas Food Bank is experiencing high demand.

Throughout September, West Texas Food Bank and other nonprofits like it are taking aim at food insecurity.

“Part of the biggest goal of hunger action month is actually to build awareness in our community about hunger, about why you should support your local food bank and your food pantries,” said Libby Campbell, CEO of West Texas Food Bank.

Hunger doesn’t discriminate. West Texas Food Bank wants to educate people about that.

“We want to talk about how hunger isn’t always what you think it is,” Campbell said. “Just because… [of] one vision that you might have of someone, maybe homeless on the side of the street. Yes, we do take care of those individuals.”

However, Campbell said people may be surprised at how many seniors or children are facing hunger.

The nonprofit is projected to deliver about 14 million pounds of food this year. That’s 700,000 more than last year.

“We have the highest need we’ve ever had here right now in West Texas. You know, inflation is still having a direct impact on the neighbors in which we serve,” Campbell said.

Other nonprofits have noticed the impacts of inflation on the West Texans who seek their services.

“With the price of inflation going up, a lot of times our seniors are struggling with paying bills versus being able to buy their groceries,” said Tracy Renton, development director at Senior Life Midland.

Renton says when there isn’t enough income, something has to give. Usually, it’s groceries.

That’s when hunger sets in.

All month, West Texas Food Bank and others like it will tackle hunger through food drives, volunteering opportunities and education.

At CBS7, we’re inviting you to donate peanut butter to the West Texas Food Bank through our Peanut Butter riBgade.

According to Campbell, every donation and volunteer counts right now.

“Every dollar counts for us right now. We’re driving so much, and food costs, just like for the neighbors we’re serving, have increased for us also,” Campbell said.

CBS7 is looking for businesses to donate peanut butter and host bins to collect it. You can sign your business up for the brigade by emailing

To donate peanut butter to the brigade, visit a barrel at any Market Street or United Supermarket, or at the locations below.

Donate in Midland:

  • Grace & Hustle
  • Texas Roadhouse
  • Miss Cayce’s Wonderland
  • Advance Electrolysis
  • Texas Sun Winery
  • MeliRose Boutique

Donate in Odessa:

  • Standard Structures
  • Denta Dental
  • Jordan Elementary
  • MeliRose Boutique
  • CBS7 Studios in Music City Mall