Medical shop brings need to Midland residents

Recordings of the CBS7 News at 6 broadcast.
Published: Aug. 29, 2023 at 6:50 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -One man moved to Midland thinking he was just going to work remotely and live close to his family temporarily.

However, now he’s fulfilling a need for the people of Midland with medical supplies. Something that hasn’t been in midland for over ten years.

“This is a type (of) store that you never really think about, until you need it. And when you need it, you needed it yesterday.” said Chris Breedwell, owner of the Midland Medical Supply.

This medical shop supplies items like wheelchairs, shower chairs, scooters and many other equipment.

Breedwell came to Midland to work for a company in California remotely.

Then one day, he was with his grandmother at a Midland Rockhounds game, and she told him that she needed a walker.

But she told him there wasn’t a shop nearby that has them.

He searched for a pharmacy or medical store nearby, but had no luck.

Days later, he got a number with the name Midland Medical Supply and posted it online to see if he would receive any calls.

He said he hasn’t stopped getting calls to purchase medical equipment since October.

“I have not gone a day without a phone call or a sale in my store. Every single day since I have been open since October 1, I have had one, two, three or every customer thank me for being here.” said Breedwell.

Breedwell says he was only going to be in Midland temporarily, but one of his customers, who also happens to be his grandfather.

Told him to use his medical supply expertise and start a shop in Midland.

“The last outlet was over by the hospital, and they moved, left and no one has ever filled those shoes. If anyone needed medical supplies or equipment, they had to go to Odessa or Lubbock to get it.” said Jim Dixon, customer at Midland Medical Supply.

Breedwell started working in the durable medical equipment department at his families pharmacy when he was five years old.

He’s worked professionally since 2003 for organizations having to do with DME in New York, California and Tennessee.

Now, he plans to stay and serve West Texans with medical equipment.

There are two shops similar to Breedwell’s in Odessa, but his shop services mostly people in Midland, Big Spring and Stanton.

Because of his delivery service, he’s also gone as far as Abilene, Marfa and Lubbock.