Midland County Sheriff’s Office upgrade equipment with help of community donations

Published: Aug. 25, 2023 at 9:50 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - The Midland County Sheriff’s Office was able to upgrade their trauma kits and breaching tools thanks to community donations.

“I’m overwhelmed. I speak of it all the time that we are blessed out here in West Texas to have the support of law enforcement that we have,” said Sheriff David Criner.

50 medical kits were purchased with $7,000 in donations. The Sheriff’s Office will soon purchase 50 more to ensure every officer has a kit.

“A lot of emergencies at houses call for help and were able to stop the bleeding. We have blood suppression in there as well so it’s just an all round good tool for us to help save lives,” said Criner.

The medical kit includes Narcan, a seat belt cutter, flashlights, a rescue knife, window punch, miscellaneous emergency equipment and supplies.

“The red to catch your eye to say that’s the kit that I need or anybody can say get the red bag out of the back of my car,” said Criner.

Breaching tools were also purchased with $26,000 in forfeited funds.

“If you go to a disturbance and someone needs to be rescued or you hear someone hollering in the back room and you go to the door and the doors locked you can use this device to prop the door open and gain entry. If you get to an accident scene you can use this device to rescue someone inside of a vehicle if they’re trapped,” said Criner.

They have two certified breachers that will provide training for the officers.