ECISD and Rep. Landgraf speak about the hoax calls involving Permian High School

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Published: Aug. 23, 2023 at 7:29 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - It’s only the second week of the school year, but students and faculty at Permian High School have already experienced some serious incidents.

These threats have caused local law enforcement and elected officials to reconsider the laws and punishments surrounding fake 9-1-1 calls.

“We’re doing everything we can to find out who committed these acts, and they will be held 100 percent responsible,” said Jeff Daniels, Chief of ECISD Police

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, law enforcement agents from both Ector and Midland County as well as state and national officers made their way to Permian High School where there was a hoax 9-1-1 call made about a gun and bomb being on campus.

Dr. Scott Muri, The ECISD Superintendent says “It’s very frustrating to the school system and to especially have it happen two days in a row”.

These hoax calls cause massive amounts of fear for students and faculty since they don’t know whether or not these claims are real or fake.

However because real active shooters have been a threat on campuses around the country, ECISD faculty and students were prepared for the event as if this were a real situation.

“Our students did exactly what they were supposed to do for two days, our staff did exactly what they were supposed to do for two days. And our students were safe because of that” said Muri

After it was determined that both incidents were a hoax, ECISD Police are now working with other agencies to make sure they find the individual or individuals responsible for these fake calls.

“We’re working with several different entities. Everywhere from local to state to federal agencies. So, the number of charges these people are looking at is really just adding up. We haven’t come up with the exact charge for every single account because we just keep finding more things they violated” said Daniels

Now with the investigation being turned over to the police and FBI, ECISD is ready to go to the table with local elected officials to make sure the security of the students is at the forefront of discussions.

“If there’s anything we can do to ensure the continued safety of students and staff that were willing to be at the table and actually we want to be at the table for those conversations,” said Muri

Representative Brooks Landgraf has gotten calls from parents of students and law enforcement about strengthening the penalties for these types of calls saying they should pay the financial expense associated with tying up law enforcement for a hoax threat at a campus.

“And I think that if anyone is just thinking this is a laughing matter or a funny or joking situation if you get stuck with the bill for a massive police response like this again for no good reason then I think that’s going to force anybody to think twice before they make a bogus hoax call like this,” said Brooks Landgraf, R-TX District 81

The two incidents are currently under investigation and ECISD as well as The ECISD Police will continue updating the public as this case moves forward.