ECISD bond recommendation includes new West Odessa middle school

Published: Aug. 7, 2023 at 10:26 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - Tonight ECISD held two town hall meetings for parents and community members to discuss the new bond recommendation, one of which was held at West Elementary.

Included in the over $427 million proposed bond is what board members hope will be a new middle school for West Odessa.

“The more we kick this down the road the more expensive it’s gonna get,” said ECISD District 3 School Board Member Wayne Woodall.

The ECISD bond recommendation includes $120 million for a new middle school, that board members want to be built in West Odessa. It would be 170,000 square feet and serve 1,000 students.

“There’s 60,000 people out here and all of these students need to be serviced and taken care of as well,” said Woodall.

Board members and local officials heard from West Odessans at a town hall about their thoughts on the bond. The biggest concern seemed to be financials, what the middle school would offer and where it would be. The board also received praise for the recommendation.

“My question will be how much further in debt is it gonna put us and I’m willing to pay a little more on my taxes but I want to make sure the kids out here are taken care of, simple as that,’’ said Precinct 1 Commissioner Mike Gardner.

The bond recommendation will not raise the tax rate.

West Odessan Kevin Searcy, graduated from Odessa High and served on the bond committee. He says population growth coupled with outdated facilities is a major concern of his.

“My fear is we kick this down the road another five, ten, fifteen years and then we wake up one day realizing well you know we grew another 20% and we just can’t meet these needs,” said Searcy.

The Permian Strategic Partnership has pledged financial support for the bond.

“With all these people putting thai towards this and seeing this needs, I want the community to realize that yea if they believe we’re gonna need the workforce then we’re gonna need the workforce otherwise they wouldn’t be making all these donations,” said Searcy.

Tomorrow night the board meets to further discuss the bond recommendations, taking discussions from tonight’s town hall into consideration.