PIGSKIN PREVIEW: Andrews Mustangs

Published: Aug. 4, 2023 at 7:10 PM CDT
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ANDREWS, Texas (KOSA) - The Andrews Mustangs have been known to the Football in the spread offense, but this year they are switching over to the Slot-T which is run-heavy.

“We have some really good linemen that are not quite what we think they need to be to run the spread, so we’re going to go with something where we could take advantage with a little bit more mobile lineman-type kids, and we have good skilled kids still that could run anything that we need them too”, said Head Coach Tom Harvey.

The Mustangs will have a new Quarterback in Aidyn Olivas to run the offense.

In the new offense, one of Olivas’ options is Sophomore Running Back Jaesean Debouse who’s already gained interest from Texas Tech, Texas Christian, and Baylor.

“It’s been different, it’s all fakes, so learning how to carry out the fakes, fake handoffs, and everything those are a lot, it’s a big role in that too”, said Olivas.

“You know, I just had to adapt to it, had to really work on it, different plays, so I had to do what I could do to help my team”, said Debouse.

“We also have Leroy Millan who has played Running Back all the way up, we’re not going to have just one running back in the backfield, we’ll have three, he’ll be one of them, we have Mark Seize who’s a really powerful kid, tough runner,” said Harvey.

Coach Harvey is optimistic about what the defense will look like.

“We have Jett Fisher, we have Grant Fitzgerald, we have Nehyimiah Gomez, Damian Ordonez who’s a track kid who’s really fast coming back healthy this year,” said Harvey.

“Those are some hard-working kids, they come out here every day with a good mindset to get stuff done, work harder, get better every day, push each other, make their team better,” said Diego Peregrino.

“I think we’re going to have a really good season, we’re going against good opponents with a new offense and our defense, we feel like we have a really good chance of going far this year,” said Debouse.