Midland ISD Forms New Leadership Structure for the Upcoming School Year

Published: Aug. 3, 2023 at 6:53 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -With the new school year starting next week.

Midland ISD is introducing a new leadership structure to prepare campus leaders.

Midland ISD appointed three new executive directors to provide support for the school principals and to help students succeed in the classroom.

Midland ISD is taking a new innovative approach to leadership that will promote professional development with the campus leaders.

Three new executive directors will oversee each school campus to make sure that they meet their needs.

“I think the biggest thing that will make a difference is we will be there on campuses. The bulk of our time will be spent on campuses and will be spent on their needs. So, whatever their campus need is, whatever that principal need is. Our job is to really focus is to support them for they can grow, and their campus can grow.” said executive director of school leadership Jessica Redman.

The executive directors have a lot of responsibilities to train school principals with classroom leadership skills and make sure students receive the highest quality education.

The goal is to get every school campus resources to grow and to succeed.

“Every campus has its own each and individual needs. So, whatever the need that we see is something that we will be coaching the principal on. That is the purpose of us being there that we will see and hear from them and be able to support them on their individual needs.” said Redman.

As the new school year approaches, educators, parents, and students in midland can look forward to seeing the positive impact the new leadership structure will provide.

“We want to grow each campus through our support to the principals, our support to the teachers, and so on to the students. Hopefully every campus is able to show growth from where they were ending from last year.” said Redman.

All Midland ISD students start next Wednesday August 9th.