Pigskin Preview: Grandfalls-Royalty Cowboys

Published: Aug. 1, 2023 at 6:56 PM CDT
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Grandfalls-Royalty, Texas (KOSA) - The Grandfalls-Royalty Cowboys would like to return to football royalty. The last time the Cowboys finished over .500 was in 2019 when they went 10-2.

“We got to take practice like 10 times harder, we’re going to have to hit the books harder, come together closer as a team, and get faster and stronger throughout the year”, said Senior Quarterback/Linebacker Jayden Martinez.

“He’s provided a lot of chemistry you know, he’s a veteran, he’s a senior, he knows how to throw the ball, he knows how to connect with his wide receivers, he knows his wide receivers”, said Junior Linebacker Tristan Bryant.

[Martinez] “Is our spreadback, our kind of middle linebacker, our kind of go-to guy on offense and defense, you know he’s gotten stronger as well, he;s pretty football smart and does a good job with anything I ask him to do, he’s usually the first guy doing whatever we need done and he motivates the kids to do well,” said Head Coach Tom McVey.

The Cowboys will have some new faces in the receiving core for the team.

“Aidan Dominguez, Alex Graham, you know, some of the kids that came in, you know some of the kids that came in, our freshman class they’re going to be sophomores who’ve stepped up, Tristan and Ian are going to be big players this year, with Ethan as well, I mean, I’m expecting good things with the upperclassmen as well,” said McVey.

With several graduates from the team, the defense has players that are ready to fill in and step up.

“For our end, we have Diego Galindo, we also have some upcoming freshmen like Alex Graham, Eddie Dominguez,” said Martinez.

“We’re going to be better, the kids have gained significant gains in the weight room and looking for that to pay off this year,” said McVey.