Ector and Midland County libraries receive funds for special projects

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Published: Jul. 18, 2023 at 6:09 PM CDT
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MIDLAND AND ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -Ector and Midland County Libraries received funding from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

The grant is part of a special project program that helps fund projects for libraries across Texas.

Both libraries received over $70,000.

They plan to use their funds toward projects that will have more resources and outreach toward their communities.

For example, the Midland County Library will use that funding toward a mobile skills lab.

To teach trade skills to residents that are interested in that field without having to take classes.

“We’re looking at an online service called interplay learning, which is an augmented/virtual way of learning these trade skills. We’re also going to look into purchasing some tablets so that we have augmented experience inside a classroom.” said the Assistant Director at the Midland County Library, Matthew Glaser.

Glaser says this would allow people to learn these skills without having to get certified or go to school for it.

Some of those skills include teaching HVAC, electrical work, solar installation and more.

While Midland County focuses on that, Ector County plans to use the money toward outreach.

The Ector County Library Director, Howard Marks says their plan involves bringing the library to residents.

“This will allow us to really get to know our population’s better, in those places and provide access to resources.” said the Director at the Ector County Library, Howard Marks.

Marks says they want to target people in Ector County in areas that don’t have easy access to the library.

Places like Goldsmith, West Odessa, Penwell, Notrees and more.

Marks says they want to make it a surprise when the project becomes a reality.

However, both Marks and Glasser say it’s a need for the communities in their counties.

“It allows these small communities to have some of the same services if as if they were here in person. To sort of get a taste of the Ector county library.” said Marks.

“This trade skill program, could build the skills that they could use and transfer into whatever industry they end up going to without the need of a formal college education.” said Glaser.

Both libraries say these projects have been in the works since last year, and they plan to open them to the public before the end of the year.