West Odessans unite to clean Kellus Turner park

Recording of the CBS7 News at 6 Saturday newscast.
Published: Jul. 15, 2023 at 9:25 PM CDT
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WEST ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -West Odessa residents gathered this morning to clean up Kellus Turner park.

With the goal to clean up one of the areas that makes their community unique.

The Kellus Turner park improvement project was created by the county, but spearheaded by the community to clean up this park.

With the backing from the Ector County Commissioners Court, West Odessans have made it their goal to make their community safe and clean.

Some of the complaints that residents have made is of the algae in the duck pond, trash around the hike trials and pond.

Which is why these residents are taking a couple of hours out of their day to beautify West Odessa.

“We have to realize as a community that we have to take some responsibility for the park. We can’t just say it’s all on them. It’s all on the counties responsibility when the facts are that we do not have a county entity that is responsible for parks. Because we are the only park out here in West Odessa.” said Michele Lee, Liaison of the Kellus Park Improvement Project.

West Odessans also got to see their county leaders present to help clean up the park.

They’ve also expressed in the past how they would love for more projects like Kellus Park could benefit residents.

“Mainly what we want to do is get some projects and get some help from the private sector to fund some things we want to do around here.” said Ector County Commissioner, Mike Gardner.

Lee says she was inspired to take the lead in this project after taking her grandkids to the pond at Kellus Park.

When she was there with them, she says she was disgusted by the way it looked and wanted to be the change.

Now that she’s leading the way, she hopes to not just clean up this park, but other parts of West Odessa.

“I’m hoping to do some work with foundations, and bring them along to make this a great park. And that’d be amazing if people got inspired off of this and thought you know what lets go do a clean up. Let’s once a month as a community go clean up one block, one yard.” said Lee.

Lee says they expect to have more clean ups and if you want more information click here.