Ector County ISD Attracting New Ways to Hire Bus Drivers

Published: Jul. 13, 2023 at 6:36 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -Ector County ISD is working on new ways to hire bus drivers for the upcoming school year.

Bus driver shortages have been a problem for Ector County ISD, the state of Texas, and schools nationwide.

Ector County ISD is once again facing new problems with bus driver shortages. With the school year around the corner, quick adjustments are being made to hire new bus drivers.

A competitive salary, new benefits, and appreciate efforts for their hard work and the impact they make for the students in school.

Ector county ISD wants to make sure offering more benefits could help avoid another bus driver shortage in the future.

“We are very proud that we implemented a pay increase for all of our employees across the board. A three percent raise on the midpoint of paid classification.” said Ector County ISD Associate Superintendent Dr. Anthony J. Sorola.

Bus drivers are important for the education process at Ector County ISD.

They can be the difference maker for students in each school day and they do impact students’ performance inside the classroom.

“The first person they see a lot of times is the bus driver when they are picked up at the bus stop. So number one, the bus drivers set the tone for the day obviously with children when they see a bus driver who is happy and excited to be at work picking up children. That helps a child to have a good start for the day as well.” said Sorola.

Every year it’s been difficult for Ector County ISD to hire new bus drivers, but this year they are making new changes to recruit new drivers.

They are working with workforce solutions to negotiate a new salary and also using social media to advertise the new benefits they have for new bus drivers.

“Our starting salary is very competitive. We also have flexible scheduling for our bus drivers. A lot of times our bus drivers choose to work part time as a bus driver because they require that. We offer that benefit. As well as medical benefits, we have a district clinic.” said Sorola.

Midland ISD is offering training for new bus drivers to receive their certified driver’s license in August.