Midland Development Corporation working to bring distribution centers to Midland

Published: Jun. 15, 2023 at 9:36 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - The Midland Development Corporation is working to bring distribution centers to Midland to shorten the time businesses have to wait for their goods.

The centers are for warehousing, moving and transloading different goods as they are shipped from place to place.

“Midland is in a really key location, we already have one interstate running through Midland and there are plans to extend I -14 through Midland, also I-27 South. So that would put Midland at the juncture of three interstates which is a really prime location for distribution,” said Executive Director of the Midland Development Corporation Sara Harris.

Harris says right now Midland does not have many of any distribution centers so everything has to be shipped in from the Metroplex or El Paso.

“It can lead to longer wait times for goods parts repairs things like that,” said Harris

The MDC has available land they are marketing to distribution centers and are speaking with companies planning to expand, as Harris says it’s a great time to get ahead because of plans for the new interstates.

Harris also believes they’d be a good fit because theyre a large expansion for the tax base but don’t require a lot of hands on labor.

“We do have a tight labor market with really low unemployment but that shouldn’t be an impediment for distribution centers because there the job needs are outweighed by the size and magnitude of them,” said Harris.

In terms of a timeline, it depends on circumstance as construction costs are still rising, but as inflation cools Harris thinks there will be  more construction projects in Midland, including distribution centers

“With economic development, a lot of it is just building relationships and building visibility wanting to make sure that these companies know that Midland is a good location so as in the next 12 to 24 months if they have any plans for expansion they can keep Midland top of mind for location,” said Harris.

Harris says Midland is well poised for these centers and  they would love to draw more attention to our region for that.