97-year-old Midland man is still staying active and volunteering

Published: Jun. 7, 2023 at 5:53 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -The average retirement age in the State of Texas is 65 years old. Some folks spend the remainder of their days traveling, fishing, or just relaxing at home.

Others take a more active approach to their twilight years.

At 97 years old one could be forgiven for taking a well-deserved rest from work.

But Maurice “Maury” Bonecutter prefers to stay active.

“I still ride my bike four miles a day, I still drive,” said Bonecutter.

Not only that but Maury still goes out of his way to serve the community,

“He works four days a week in our Meals on Wheels kitchen helping us package and prep for Meals on Wheels deliveries, then he also spends one day a week, working at the West Texas food bank,” said Tracy Renton.

A celebration was held this morning in the Meals on Wheel’s kitchen to honor the senior volunteer, but Bonecutter doesn’t let the attention get to his head.

“It’s just another day,” said Bonecutter.

“Mr. Bonecutter is just such a humble and joyous man. He doesn’t do this for recognition, he doesn’t do this because he’s hoping to get something in return” said Tracy Renton.

Which begs the question, why does Bonecutter do this?

“Well, I’d rather be doing something than sitting around all the time. I grew up in the Depression days, and I know what people went through some of those experiences, and my parents were always helpful to other people, and on my life journey we would help other people when we could, and I like to see people help each other. We need each other” said Bonecutter.

CBS7 asked Maury Bonecutter his secret to a long life. He narrowed it down to two things:

He tries to always follow the golden rule, and he stays away from drugs and alcohol.