Midland Health’s ninth annual Wellness Tour comes to an end

Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 4:07 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - The Ninth Annual Wellness Tour is coming to an end after bringing six days of wellness activities and deals to the Midland community.

“A fifth generation Midlander knows what this town has been about, work, work, work, work. Right when you wake up, you go to work, you go home and that’s all you think about. You know and that creates burnout, that creates depression and anxiety and that’s very detrimental to your health so that’s why we offer this is to be able to help people have a healthier outlet,” said Co-Owner of Source Float & Wellness Kinsey Williams.

Williams started his business with his wife in 2019. They offer flotation therapy amongst a number of other things.

“We have a lot of stimulus, we always have our phones, our computers or books and are never alone with ourselves. So when you get into the float tank it puts you in an instant meditation and allows you to deal with the problems you’ve been ignoring in your life,” said Williams.

They also offer an infrared sauna and ice bath.

“It’s been around and again with lots of different benefits from metabolism to increasing your immune system,” said Williams.

They offer all of this with the same goal of bringing old practices of wellness and relaxation to Midlanders.

Source is one of the businesses that participated in Midland Health’s Wellness Tour.

“As a hospital our vision is to be the healthiest community in Texas and Wellness Tour is just one way we’re working towards that goal,” said Community Relations Coordinator for Midland Health Taylor Wiedenfeld

Wiedenfeld says the tour promotes all of the resources in Midland related to wellness.

“Getting out there and finding the things that are right for you and your body that is on your wellness journey,” said Wiedenfeld.

The tour began last week and continues through Tuesday. A number of local businesses offer deals and events during the tour.

Williams says the tour is huge for the community especially since midland is not known for its health.

“There’s all kinds of money that goes through this town so in my opinion we should have the best wellness and health in the United States if not the world so I’m actually very grateful that this has been a continuing thing year after year,” said Williams.

Wiedenfeld says the community loves it as they had a great turnout this year.