Midland Fire Department hosts pool safety training

Pool Safety
Published: May. 31, 2023 at 12:36 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Pools are open again and weekend barbecues have started. School is out for the summer.

The Midland Fire Department held a training session Tuesday for safety on drowning prevention and swift water rescue

It’s a good idea to know how to swim. It’s also a good idea to know how to take proper safety precautions.

Midland Fire recruits and firefighters are taking hands-on training in the case of an emergency such as drowning which is a major concern for children

“It’s one of those low-frequency, high-risk deals, so we want to make sure all of our crews are trained up and ready for action,” said MFD Battalion Chief Aaron Cox.

But in some cases, you might not have time to wait for the fire department. So Chief Cox has a few suggestions if you find yourself in a dangerous situation near the water.

“Learn CPR, the odds are, is if you’ll do CPR on someone in your household,” Cox said. “73 percent of the time, if you end up going to a public pool, keep in mind, there are only ten lifeguards, maybe for 500 people, so it’s not a free for all, parents got to keep an eye on their kids, and at the same time parents need to watch other people and be willing to step in.”

We are also in severe storm season in west Texas, there is also training on flooding situations... Which could be hazardous for drivers on the road.

“Turnaround don’t drown is the saying,” said Grant Benson, MFD paramedic. “Don’t cross water that you can’t see through, you can’t see the bottom. It’s too deep to go through. We have a lot of water rescues in town due to people driving through low water crossing. If we could prevent those, the safer off we are.”