Trinity Administrators Trial Day Four

Day four of the Trinity Trial began where it left off last week, with the alleged victims mother on the witness stand.
Recordings of the CBS7 News at 6 broadcast.
Published: Apr. 24, 2023 at 9:50 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -The young girl who allegedly was sexually abused, said in the interview with the Midland Rape Child Advocacy Center, that she kept all this information from her parents.

Chrystal Meyers Attorney, Frank Seller, subpoenaed the alleged victims mother for Texas and emails.

New information came out today that the mother of the alleged victim and her husband thanked the administrators on trial on multiple occasions through email.

Both the mother and daughter agreed that they don’t know why Adrianne Clifton is standing trial.

However, the mother also mentioned during the trial that she strongly dislikes her.

The subject on the email was called, “A moment of honesty” that she sent to DA Jennifer Lively.

Which led to an email that she sent to the prosecutors that she is upset with trinity for a number of reasons.

Things that have to do with the school using pronouns to identify students, dress codes and said that the school lost foundation of the church.

The defense attorneys presented emails that the parents of the young girl sent emails to the administrators telling them that they did a great job with their daughters case.

The courtroom came to a halt after the mother started tearing up. Judge David Rogers of the 142nd District calmed her down and told her to answers the questions the best that she can.

Shelby Hammers Attorney, Brian Carney, showed three Tik Tok videos of the young girl dancing and mouthing explicit songs about sex.

The defense attorney’s got a hold of the texts that the young girl was having with a guy friend. Her friend texted her multiple times to go and tell someone about what happened to her.

She refused.

Sellers went on to ask the mother, How can they report something that they weren’t told?

The mother was shocked to find out that there was another message that said, “Camp was way worse,”.

Sellers raised the question, What happened in camp that was way worse than what happened in Spanish class?

To which the mother had no response to.

Medical records that were sent to Detective Jennie Alonzo said that the young girl was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Seller got a hold of the young girls medical records that showed she was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, but no PTSD.

The mother also said during questioning, that she would, “Lie for her child”.

When the young girl transferred to Midland Christian School, she had to fill out an application.

On that application, the school asked if their child has has any disorders or disabilities. To which the mother put no. Even though her daughter has ADD and anxiety.

The mother said she told Detective Alonzo that Todd Freese was told by the male student that alleged sexually abused the young girl, that he did touch her private parts.

Todd Freese’s Attorney, Dan Hurley, spoke about Detective Alonzo.

He said, “Jennie Alonzo made a sworn statement about the young man touching her private parts and it’s not true”.

The mother mentioned that she didn’t know who was going to be arrested, and she claims that she didn’t tell MPD who should be prosecuted.

Last week, the young girl said she would go onto her phone and see messages she never sent.

Today her mother admitted to sending text messages to her friends as her daughter.

The mother also sent an email to the DA’s office asking if she can get a restraining order against Shelby Hammers, because they both have memberships at the Midland Country Club.

She said her reasons were for the protection of her daughter.

During Carneys cross-examination, she said that she did not want to be here.

Carney responded with “you get to go home. We may not”, to which the mother had no response to.

One of the other witnesses that came in was a 16-year-old who was classmates with the young girl.

This young man also knew the other student that allegedly abused the young girl.

The young witness said he was called into Mr. Freese’s office and was asked what he knew. He told Mr. Freese from what he heard from other people, but he said he never saw anything himself.

He described the young man that’s accused of sexually abusing his classmate as a scary guy, but never had any problems with him.