Trinity Trial Day Two: Recap

Recordings of the CBS7 News at 6 broadcast.
Published: Apr. 20, 2023 at 10:33 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -Day two began with cross examination of the young lady who claims she was sexually abused.

However, new information came out today that the witness might not have given sufficient information for the Trinity Administrators.

Frank Sellers, who represents Chrystal Myers, said he went to Trinity School of Midland yesterday and took photos of the areas where the alleged sexual abuses occurred.

Pictures of the gym, band and Spanish class.

During the questioning, Sellers asked about every detail about where she was and how she was sitting or standing at the moment.

In some instances, Sellers even reenacted the scene for her to get a depiction on how it happened.

One of her worst alleged assaults was in Spanish class.

Where her classmate at the time and her were sitting next to the teachers desk, but at the time, the teacher wasn’t in the class.

He pulled her chair toward her and started grabbing her leg. She then said that he started to put his hand under her belly button and started unzipping her pants.

She said that when his hands were in his pants, she turned to look at a classmate and then mouthed, “Help” at him.

She said the other student didn’t know what was happening and laughed.

Sellers presented most of the interview that the alleged victim had with the Midland Rape Child Advocacy Center.

At one point she even said during the interview that, though she knew that the things he was doing to her was bad, she didn’t want him to stop because she felt he was showing her affection.

In that video, the alleged victim spoke about how she was afraid that if she didn’t do what he wanted to her that he would harm her.

She said on multiple occasions he pretended like he was going to hit her, but she said he never did.

Sellers continuously paused the video of the interview to intervene with questions.

At one point, when she was telling the forensic interviewer for the MRCAC, she would go into graphic details about what she allegedly went through.

Sellers questioned why Chrystal Myers and Todd Freese weren’t told this information when she spoke to them.

Afterwards the young girl admitted that she told more information to the people at the MRCAC.

She also stated the day before that she did not have a crush on the students she’s accusing, however during the interview, she mentioned that she had a crush on him.

Her response was that she had a crush on him in August of 2019.

The alleged victim mentioned that she received pictures of her classmates genitals through Instagram.

Sellers continued to question her about the administrators and found that the alleged victim never spoke with Shelby Hammers’.

Who is the head of the school.

After hearing this, many of the people present in the courtroom could be heard sniffling.

Todd Freese’s attorney, Daniel Hurley, asked the witness if she thought that her parents should be treated differently because her mother raised two-million dollars for the Trinity School of Midland.

Which the state objected and said she cannot speak for her parents.

Hurley went on to mention that the four administrators are on trial because of her. She responded and said, “They’re still being paid”.

This caused some of the people in the courtroom to give a big scuff.

Hurley went on to ask about the affidavit that was done by Jennie Alonzo, who is a detective at the Midland Police Department.

In the affidavit it said that the young lady was touched the inside of her reproductive system. However, during the questioning, she admitted that he never touched that part of her body.

She said that her former classmate would ask her if he can grab her butt and she admitted that she said “yes” more than once.

One of the defendants, Chrystal Myers, spoke with the victim about her alleged situation in 2019.

However, there was another faculty member in that meeting who is not on trial.

Which led to the Hurley asking why Meyers is here but not the other faculty member in that meeting.

The defense attorney then said that they believe the witnesses parents had a personal vendetta against some of the Trinity administrators.

Brian Carney, who represents Shelby Hammer, ended by asking the witness if she knew that the case was what she told them. She responded by saying correct.

Carney went on to say that when she was in a room with Chrystal Myers and the other faculty member, she clarified to them that she was not sexually touched like she did to Alonzo.

He then when on to say that another student who knew about what happened to her told her something different.

The alleged victim said she didn’t know the law at the time but then Carney said that it wasn’t until the Midland Christian faculty were arrested that she spoke up.

The witness said that she knew the law was that if any type of sexual abuse or sexual assault was occurs at the school, that they’re not suppose to investigate it.

They’re suppose to report it and hand it over to the authorities.

Carney then asked, “there was no sexual abuse right?”

The witness responded by saying, “yes”. Then said, “Wait”, while looking around.

CBS7 will continue to cover the Trinity Trial once more information unfolds.