New hotel coming to Midland to focus on locally owned businesses

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Published: Mar. 30, 2023 at 9:07 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -If you just started a small business in Midland, listen up.

The Tapestry Hotel will be a hyperlocal property that can help you start that business and at the same time, benefit the community.

The goal for this property is simple, to make sure everything in their new hotel is locally owned and locally run.

Built in 1927, the original building was the first high rise in West Texas and served as a hospital. The location will keep the history of the building with a new design.

The new hotel will include a two story restaurant, boutique shops, coffee shops and more.

With the convention center and Centennial Park down the street, it gives visitors a vibrant location to stay in.

The hotel will have 90 rooms and shops for local entrepreneurs to get a start on their new businesses.

“Local owned, local ownership, and then as I mentioned earlier, the hyperlocal concept of sourcing everything from within the community. I think that’s a big deal. And that’s great for our community.” said Al Escamilla, President of Escamilla Media.

The new project will also provide new job opportunities for people and it’ll also benefit MISD and the Midland Hospital District with taxes.

“It will be bringing approximately 200 to $300,000 in taxes for the school district, Midland ISD school district. And another 20 to $30,000to the hospital district.” said the sales representative for the Tapestry Hotel, Marisol Valenzuela.

They have contacted an architect to come up with the design and have the funding for the project to proceed.

In the next months, they’ll present the idea to the city council for approval and proper permits.

After that, the goal is to have the hotel and shops open within the next 2 to 3 years.

They’ve also studied that Midland is getting younger and want to make the downtown area a place for families and friends.

“Ten, fifteen years ago, the demographic of Midland was maybe 40, 45, 50 year old. And our demographics have changed drastically. And you’re looking at 30, 35-year-old families. That come to Midland and they need something to do,” said Escamilla.

A town hall meeting will happen next month at the Bush Convention Center with the time and date still to be determined so Midlanders can share their opinions on the project.