Rapper Rick Ross’ buffaloes escape, roam neighborhood

Residents of a Fayette County neighborhood say they were shocked to see massive buffalos in their backyards recently.
Published: Mar. 22, 2023 at 4:05 PM CDT
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FAYETTE COUNTY, Ga. (WANF/Gray News) - Residents of a Georgia neighborhood said they were shocked to see massive buffaloes in their backyards recently.

The Northbridge subdivision in Fayette County is down the street from star rapper Rick Ross’ mansion. He recently posted on social media confirming the bison are his.

A neighbor said she was concerned they pose a safety threat to the neighborhood. She has kids and small pets that play outside and doesn’t want anyone to get hurt.

She also claimed it was not the first time she had seen the large animals out when they showed up March 13, and she had tracks left in her yard by the livestock.

The neighbor reported the incident to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

“The sheriff’s office was made aware of the situation and is currently working with the Fayette County Marshal’s Office to remedy the situation. Sheriff Babb and Chief Deputy Rhodes have also been in communication with Northbridge residents since last week listening to these concerns,” officials said in a statement on Facebook.

The sheriff’s office said it was investigating, but there are no reports available because no crime was committed.

“While it is legal to own livestock (cattle, sheep, horses, goats, etc.) in Fayette County, the owner is responsible for properly restraining the animals. If the owner is shown to be negligent, they could be charged,” said a sheriff’s office spokesperson.

They say if anyone encounters the animals, they need to remember to use caution.

“As captivating as these animals are, we encourage everyone to use caution if they were to encounter them,” they said. “Although they are mostly docile, they can be unpredictable and possibly become aggressive. If you happen to encounter the buffalo, we encourage you to contact the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.

Rick Ross has evolved from a Miami rap legend into a successful businessman, mogul and innovator over the last nearly 20 years. He is best known for hits such as “Hustlin,” “We Taking Over,” “I’m On One,” “Aston Martin Music,” “Chevy Ridin High,” “Made Men” with Drake, “Stay Schemin,” “Lemon Pepper” with Drake, “Run It,” and more.