Marine Educators Workshop- Day one

Published: Mar. 7, 2023 at 10:58 PM CST
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SAN DIEGO, California (KOSA) - Day one of the educator’s workshops at the Marine Corps Recruit Depot in San Diego, California put local educators to the test.

Educators not from just West Texas but all across the country took part in several drills to show them what it takes for recruits to be a U.S. Marine.

The group started off with some fun as they made their way to the yellow footprints, but upon arrival, Marine Corps drill instructors immediately began giving out orders to obey.

New recruits are instilled with order and discipline all while learning the core values of honor, courage, and commitment throughout their training

“These have been implemented for quite some time. It has partially to do with like some tradition and obviously like every recruit and every marine in the Marine Core has stepped on those yellow footprints here or at Marine Corps in Parris Island that’s like everyone in their Marine Corps career whether they’ve wore the uniform 30 years ago 40,50 years ago or they wear it now has stepped on those footprints” said Griffin Cozak, Sergeant /Drill Instructor MCRD.

Everything the recruits do here is for a reason and by everything, the Marines mean everything including learning how to make a bed properly.

“But the purpose behind it is for them to learn attention to detail. They need attention to detail, if they miss it here in the squad bay where there’s no risk they might miss it when something actually matters like out in their job or something like that so we’re teaching them how to have attention to detail and to discipline themselves like they should take pride in their rack and how they look and how they present themselves to the world” said Alexander Cevalez, Staff Sergeant/Senior Drill Instructor.

After all that the group was escorted to the football fields not to show off their passing or catching skills but to be put to the test on how their endurance compares to what the marines train for day in and day out.

During this training, the Marines had educators and CBS7′s Tyler Poglitsch running a half mile directly followed by shoulder-pressing ammo kits and going through a combat maze to put all that together, and as for someone who went through it…it’s not easy.

“It basically trains the Marine to be conditioned, combat-ready. You know train like you would fight and you’re just going through high intensity with a lot of weight. You just have to prepare your mindset, like if you’re going to be deployed you’re going out and battle somewhere, can you carry your buddy out, can you simulate carrying ammo cans doing a medical supply run whatever the case is.” said Mary Phaly, Sargeant in the Marine Corps.

To end a fun long day the group made their way to some combat training and to play with some dogs… or watch a dog attack another person.

The dog is highly trained and listens to every single last command from her trainer.

“A lot of training. Not just from my handlers and my trainers but from when these dogs first hit the fleet right? They get trained in San Antonio Texas by the 341st, it is a joint military with the Marine Corps, Navy, Army and the Air Force they all train dogs and a lot of work goes into it, a lot of pride goes into dog training so a lot of work has been put into place all these dogs to make sure they know when it’s time to play and when it’s time to get serious and bite people” said Ulixes Hernandez, Sargeant/ Kennel master for dogs in San Diego.

But the educators aren’t out here isn’t to get put into shape by the Marines it’s a chance for educators to learn about the marines and what they have to offer.

Midland Senior High counselor, David Haley has been wowed at what he’s seen by the marines so far.

‘The training, the education, the stress on furthering your career whether you stay in after one cycle of enlistment or whether you go out as a civilian world. There really seems to be a look after the Marine while they’re in and when they leave and that’s something you don’t think about as a civilian and was really kinda evident today that’s what they’re doing. It impressed me, I was really impressed with it.” said Haley.

Whether it’s something small like making your bed or large like following a tradition, the clear message is that there is a reason behind everything the Marines do.

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