Local organizations come together to raise awareness toward homelessness

A store that has been doing the most good, accepting donations from the community since the...
A store that has been doing the most good, accepting donations from the community since the 1970s will lock up for the last time, Friday.(KOSA)
Published: Jan. 26, 2023 at 11:12 PM CST
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -Every year, the Texas Homeless Network counts how many homeless people are on the streets. They call it the “Point-in-Time Count”.

The Midland Homeless Coalition wanted to do something different for this years count.

This year, was the first time the Midland Homeless Coalition decided to gather local organizations during the count. To show these individuals that are un-housed about the services offered in the Permian Basin.

The point-in-time count tries to get the most accurate number of homeless people in the area.

This year instead going out to find un housed people, they were invited to the Salvation Army.

Once they were there for the point-in-time count, they also could get a flu shot, free food, free bus passes, and more.

The goal of this event was to raise awareness to the homeless population in Midland.

“The reason we’re doing that is because if you are across the nation, we have to do something to begin to address the homelessness. And try to get people housed and the proper services that they need. And midland is no different than any other community,” said Midland Community Development Manager, Isaac Garnett.

Garnett says last year the city of midland had between 200-235 un-housed people.

John-Mark Echols, who’s the founder and CEO of Fields Edge Cultivating Home and is one of the leaders of the Midland Homeless Coalition.

His non-profit organization works to build a community of small homes for homeless people.

“We really wanna see that number go down. We wanna see more people accessing shelters, wanna see more people utilizing resources to get up off the streets. So this collaborative effort with so many partners and resources helps us do that very well,” said Echols.

They have built 10 homes so far, and plan to build up to 100.

Homes for people like Miguel Ramirez. Who moved to Midland from Los Angeles to find a better life for him and his family.

Who despite being homeless for two months, feels he made the right choice of coming to West Texas.

“I wish Los Angeles had the programs they have here. It would help a lot of people that are living on the streets, people that are suffering and helping them get out of that hole,” said Ramirez.

Ramirez says with the help of the resources they can soon he’ll be able to get a place to live and a job.

The annual count also helps toward how much federal and local funding organizations like the Midland Homeless Coalition can receive.

The majority of the individuals that showed up said the event was beneficial to them because of all the opportunities they get.

If you want to know how you can help the midland homeless coalition, click here.