Midland residents file objections toward city

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Published: Jan. 20, 2023 at 11:03 PM CST
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -Midland residents in the Legacy West neighborhood are upset after the city sent out notices that they were planning to build more homes in an already overpopulated area.

Upon hearing the complaints this community has made to the city, one thing Ramon Sanchez mentioned was that he knows the process to make both sides happy can take a while, but says he won’t go down without having his voice heard.

The residents at Legacy West say before adding homes to the area, the city should help fix sections of the neighborhood with flooding issues and, consider ways to reduce the overpopulation of kids going to Yarbrough Elementary.

Some people like Sanchez feel betrayed after being promised that nothing would be built behind his home.

“With this new addition, it’s just going to add more problems, I think. But really, I was just motivated. I was just so angry that I got home and told my wife, i’m gonna go talk to my neighbors,” said Sanchez.

The residents at Legacy West have been leaving complaints inside a box that Sanchez left on his front porch.

He says there’s been over 40 complaints from concerned residents about this problem.

Midland city council member Amy Stretcher-Burkes says she’s heard the complaints from Sanchez and his neighborhood.

Stretcher-Burkes says she hopes everyone can come to an agreement soon, but also say they have to include everyone with making such a big decision.

“It’s a good conversation they need to have with DR. Horton as well, and I think the city needs to get involved as well. A flood study needs to be done or anything like that we need to talk with our city engineers and determine what is best for that neighborhood,” said Stretcher-Burkes.

There are abandoned frack pits behind Sanchez’s home. He says when it rains all the water goes into those pits. Sanchez is worried if those pits get covered, the rain will make its way into peoples homes.

His biggest concern, like most of the neighborhoods, is the elementary school.

“And by adding more homes, obviously it’s bringing more families, where are those kids going to go? The local school is the answer is just right here with Yarbrough, which we’re at capacity. I don’t think we can get a proper education for our kids when our classroom has over 30 plus students if that happens,” said Sanchez.

This past Tuesday there was a planning and zoning meeting that these residents were going to attend but was canceled due to a lack of quorum.

Sanchez says that he and Stretcher-Burkes have agreed to have a town-hall meeting with the Legacy West community next Thursday at Yarbrough Elementary.