Egg- ‘celente’ news might be on the way for Odessans

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Published: Jan. 18, 2023 at 10:56 PM CST
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - The hot topic at the dinner table recently is the price of eggs.

The average price for a carton of eggs at food stores around Midland and Odessa is 5 dollars and 31 cents.

That’s almost 3 times the price for a carton of eggs compared to last year, which was just under 2 dollars a carton.

For the last couple of years residents in Odessa have been fighting for the right to have hens on their land to produce eggs.

According to Mayor Javier Joven, Odessa is the only city in the area that does not allow raising hens.

And now with the price of eggs rising, Mayor Javier Joven is looking at allowing hens within city limits for the first time since the 90s.

“Now recently there’s been indications that the high cost of eggs it taking a shot so I’ve instructed and I’ve asked our legal department in the City of Odessa to start looking at the ordinance in surrounding cities and for us to take that as an example out it on the workshop and see what we can work up” Javier Joven, City of Odessa Mayor

One chicken farm in Midland says it’s not easy to operate a chicken farm on a daily basis and the changing seasons can scramble production.

“We do year round production so we’re one of the few farms where you can actually find eggs in the Winter time. At 11am we gather the morning lay and then I come home and I gather the evening lay.” said Laura , Chatelaine Farms

But come summer, collecting eggs isn’t over easy.

“I have to gather on the hour. Because the last thing you want is a fried egg that you just broke open and it’s a fried egg” said Laura

Once more details are developed for the new ordinance, Mayor Joven wants Odessans to tell the council whether or not you are for or against hens in the city.