Finding Family: Damien

Updated: Jan. 15, 2023 at 10:00 PM CST
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(KOSA) - Damien is someone who may seem shy at first, but really opens up once he gets to know you.

He’s not only smart and creative but also very active and athletic.

As Damien’s Heart Gallery profile shows, he is an active child who likes to go to the park and play outside with friends.

But other than doing activities outdoors, he does enjoy some time inside on his tablet.

“I would be on my tablet, play games, watch TikTok. I like to play video games,” said Damien.

Which sounds like most teens.

But Damien shines in his own unique light.

He enjoys learning new things and does well in school, earning high grades.

“I’m a good kid,” Damien explains.

He also wants his forever family to know that he doesn’t ask for much.

He simply wants someone to nurture and care for him.

Damien enjoys new experiences, especially outdoors!

His Forever Family will also put a priority on one-on-one time and have a structured and consistent atmosphere.

If you think you can provide that for Damien, learn more by clicking the links below.

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