Finding Family: Ash

Published: Jan. 10, 2023 at 10:00 PM CST
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(KOSA) - This week’s Finding Family child can be described as thoughtful, caring, and smart.

During a recent visit to FC Coffee in Midland, we learned that his passion can be found in the kitchen.

Meet Kash, who goes by Ash.

He has some interests that are unlike most 14-year-olds. One of those is baking.

Ash got the chance to bake some cookies at FC Coffee with some help.

“Baking is really fun because of the mixture of ingredients coming together and making something that you wouldn’t expect. Then it tastes just so good, is the best part,” Ash explains.

Ash isn’t bashful when it comes to what he finds joy in.

“I like to read, and I enjoy hanging around people. I really enjoy cooking and I am also a little bit of a fanboy of gaming and anime,” said Ash.

He stands out among the crowd and isn’t afraid to take a path less traveled.

“I try to stay myself; I don’t really like to do what other people do. I just like to be me,” said Ash.

A mindset beyond his years. Ash has his sights set on the future, hoping to pursue a veterinary career.

To prepare, he challenges himself through the rigors of AP courses in high school.

But, as he strives to reach his long-term goals, Ash finds himself in need of a forever family that can support him.

That family would help Ash continue to excel and overcome obstacles.

“It’s kind of a family that wants to hold my interests. A family where there are a lot of things that would help me develop my career. And help me with not only the difficulties that I struggle with but also things that I haven’t done yet,” Ash explained.

He understands what a family would mean to him.

“They guide you and help you in the way they want you to go in life. And that’s a good way,” said Ash.

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