Finding Family: Yazmina, Treazure, Treavyon, and Arriyah

Updated: Dec. 25, 2022 at 10:00 PM CST
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(KOSA) - Four siblings are in need of a forever family.

Meet Yazmina, 9, Treazure, 7, Treavyon, 7, and Arriyah, 3.

We’ll begin wtih the oldest sibling, big sister Yazmina.

In this group’s heart gallery profile, it says she is someone who has learned to take the lead and guide her siblings.

“I stand up for them,” said Yasmina.

Yasmina is a calm and collected kid who remains steadfast in her care and love of her siblings.

That’s why she seeks a family who will keep them together.

“We should have rights to live together,” said Yazmina.

She also has compassion for others in a similar situation as theirs or for those who may need a roof over their head.

“For those out there who have no home, they should have the rights to go somewhere,” said Yazmina.

Next, we have 7-year-old twins Treazure and Treavyon. Their heart gallery profile shows that they share a special connection and are constantly looking out for one another.

Although they are twins, Treazure and Treavyon are unique in their own way. Treazure is reserved and keeps a watchful eye over her siblings.

Treavyon, on the other hand, is outspoken, bright, and isn’t shy in front of the camera. Throughout their interview, Treavyon described his interests.

Including a summer vacation, he hopes is in his future.

“I want to go swim with the big ole’ slides and stuff,” said Treavyon.

Now to the smallest of the four siblings, Arriyah. She is only three years old, but is exuberant and loves being around her brother and sisters.

She even shared with us her favorite color.

“Red!” said Arriyah.

Again, they are looking for a family that will keep them together.

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