Be Excellent: Vona Palmer

Updated: Dec. 21, 2022 at 6:00 PM CST
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - Vona Palmer arrives bright and early at Jesus House Odessa, a place where those who are less fortunate can go for a hot meal and a warm embrace.

Inside, Palmer goes straight to her post, also known as the kitchen.

Day in and day out, Palmer prepares hot coffee and tea, especially for those who need to warm up on a chilly winter day.

Palmer has been a volunteer at Jesus House Odessa for a couple of years now.

But in that amount of time, she’s made a lasting impact.

“People like Vona are priceless, I couldn’t imagine trying to do this without her,” said Donny Kyker, Founder of Jesus House Odessa.

Palmer has dedicated her retired life to serving those here who may have fallen on hard times and need someone to talk to.

While serving meals has become her primary work here, she also makes time to talk to the guests, as a mother and grandmother, it comes naturally.

I think they enjoy me talking to them. I smile at everybody that comes in. You get to know everybody, you just want to love on them, hug on them, and feed them,” said Palmer.

“She is so one-on-one with everybody that walks in the door. She puts a smile on everybody’s face when she walks in,” Pastor Kyker explains.

Palmer has also made it a point to be a guiding light to her grandchildren to ensure a legacy of service to others.

“You know I want my grandkids to understand what it’s like to serve like Jesus. What would Jesus do? He would help everybody, he wouldn’t turn his face to them, he would help them,” Palmer said. Even though many who visit Jesus House Odessa are in a tough situation, Palmer knows how to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

A life dedicated to serving others both literally and figuratively, something Palmer says is a calling.

“I feel like Jesus led me here. I believe he wants to use me to be that person that can listen to them, to help them, to hug them, to smile,” Palmer explains.

Vona Palmer was gifted $500 from CBS7 and Excel ER Odessa Emergency Room.