Walk-On’s in Midland supporting family after former employees death

Published: Dec. 7, 2022 at 9:54 PM CST
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Walk-On’s in Midland is rallying around the daughter and partner of an employee who was murdered this summer.

“He was just funny, his personality was giant, he had a big heart and was just a good guy,” said Amber Bland.

Former Midland Walk-On’s employee Richard Allen Rose Jr. was murdered this summer while intervening in a domestic violence dispute outside of work, a sudden death that shocked his family, friends and fellow employees.

“It was just quiet, you know you could drop a pin in a stadium and it would be quiet everybody was just shocked heartbroken  and nobody expected that could happen,” said General Manager Larry Shores.

Richard left behind his partner Amber Bland and their one year old little girl, Blakely.

Bland says her biggest concern when Richard died was for her daughter.

“I just kind of take it one day at a time as far as that goes just trying to keep his memory alive by showing her pictures and videos,” said Bland.

Bland met Richard at Walk-Ons where she still works.

“I have my days where I come in and it’s just like all the memories just flood over me and it’s like we met here so I walk up to the bar and it’s like he’s there and then I have my other days where I’m just happy to be here still,” said Bland.

Walk-On’s CEO Brandon Landry flew out for a team meeting to surprise Bland with a check to start a college fund for their little girl Blakely, fronting the first $5,000.

Bland says Richard wanted their daughter to go to college, so the gift was a blessing.

“I want her to be the best that she can be and now that she has that college fund and everything I want her to excel in life and know that he loves her and he will always be looking down on her,” said Bland.

Amber says she was nervous about taking care of Blakely by herself, but it takes a village that she has at Walk-On’s.

“We’re a family, bottom line it comes to a family tradition of protecting one another and being respectful towards each other and helping each other knowing that if someone needs each other we’re there to help them out,” said Shores.

While Richard is gone, his friends and family keep his memory alive.

“He will never be forgotten, always missed and if you ever need a smile and want that smile your welcome to come to our bartop, see a picture of him and we’ll be more than happy to help show you videos and photos and share that with our guests,” said Shores.