Midland Soup Kitchen’s family wall celebrates the importance of community and family

Published: Nov. 24, 2022 at 10:23 PM CST
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - Midland Soup Kitchen Ministry’s family wall is truly representative of the power of family and what it means to give back to your community.

“This is a legacy that were leaving behind that my parents are leaving behind and now they are third generation is leaving them behind,” said Executive Director Nancy Ivy.

Ivy is the daughter of the soup kitchens founders Mariano Rendon Sr. and Mary Rendon.

It all started in 1984. What was at first supposed to be a Rendon’s Restaurant, Ivy says, turned into the first soup kitchen.

“They prayed about everything and that’s what I learned from them to pray about everything and to use God’s wisdom and from then on the Lord called them to do this and it was right next door to my parents home where we first started the first soup kitchen,” said Ivy.

Year round almost every day they serve about 130 to 150 people.

“We’re having families and different families come in, everything that’s coming across the border too were helping everybody that’s coming into our doors, we don’t ask any questions, we leave that to the Lord, we’re here to help,” said Ivy.

Ivy’s son made the family wall as a surprise for his mother, a gift many people in the community are now able to enjoy..

She says the memory wall is for everyone to sit and remember their friends and family.

“This is all these people that you see, Sheriff there, you see everybody that came out in the fellowship and mostly everybody smiling and a lot of these people have already gone to be with the Lord a lot of these children now have families of their own so this collage here we have people that are elderly that are on the wall when they were young and see wow look!” said Ivy.

She says she is thankful for the Midland community and keeps the love of her parents with her every day as she and her children continue to serve home cooked meals to help others.

“You never know if this is your last Thanksgiving with someone, your last Christmas with someone and you wanna make that memorable and family is all we have and when I’ve grown up with these people and I’m around them all year round they become my family,” said Ivy.

“Family is not necessarily blood; it’s people you gather around, fellowship around and you love on.”