Curb Side Bistro hosts 8th Thanksgiving Feast

Chef Alejandro and his team of volunteers served over 1,500 meals Thursday morning.
Published: Nov. 24, 2022 at 10:14 PM CST
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) - Another Thanksgiving in West Texas means another Curb Side Bistro feast.

“It takes a couple of months of preparation,” said Curb Side Bistro owner Chef Alejandro Barrientos.

That preparation is designed to provide 1,500 meals.

“I’m sorry,” Barrientos laughed. “I’m on, like, two hours of sleep.”

It’s a lot of work preparing turkey, ham, green bean casserole, corn, and mashed potatoes. Luckily for Chef Alejandro, he has an army of volunteers.

“So, right over here, we’ve got all the green bean casseroles in these smokers,” said volunteer and owner of Jersey Girl Pizza Teak-Allen Barry said. “The big cooker we’ve got full of cornbread stuffing, and it is super full.”

It’s allowed Barry to find unique ways to use his pizza ovens.

“We’ve got corn in the pizza oven!” he exclaimed.

“This year, we’ve had the most volunteers we’ve ever had,” Chef Alejandro said. “You see them in there? They’re putting in work.”

The work put in by volunteers sped up this year’s line, pushing through people at a ferocious pace.

That’s good news for Curb Side Bistro, because the need is still there.

“Inflation, rent is going higher,” Chef Alejandro said. “What one hundred dollars used to get you in groceries gets you nothing now.”

That’s why the volunteers scoop, Chef Alejandro directs, and another Thanksgiving is in the books.