West Texas blues band to represent the Permian Basin at International competition

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Published: Nov. 21, 2022 at 9:07 PM CST
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MIDLAND-ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -A West Texas blues band has been invited to perform in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee.

Never 2 Young has four members, but only three of them are able to go to Tennessee, because of the age restrictions, but they say this is an opportunity of a lifetime that they take seriously.

Leon Carrasco, Ian Chavez, Elijah Orneles, and Adrian Revilla have been in a band for four years now.

Never 2 Young was chosen by the West Texas Blues Society to represent West Texas in the youth showcase.

Revilla is just a few years too old to compete, but the other members are confident they will be able to fill in and have a great performance.

They say they’re excited to perform in one of the most iconic music cities and to get exposure in front of thousands of people.

“I’ve only played in Midland/Odessa, also Lubbock and Andrews as well, but now we’re going to Memphis, Tennessee that’s crazy. All the greats go play over there and now we get to go play there it’s cool,” said Chavez.

The band started seven years ago when Carrasco and Chavez were both in a music store in Odessa.

Carrasco was playing the guitar and Chavez on the drums…and their parents saw that they both had talent so they had them play together in church.

Orneles is Chavez’s cousin and they added him because they say his bass playing ties the band together.

Revilla was Carrasco’s music teacher eight years ago and plays multiple instruments.

“Since he started playing with us, our sound is much more fluent, and there’s so much different stuff we can do. Even like solos, we let Adrian take over and we just watch him get down into it,” said Carrasco.

Apart from being musicians, they’re also students and participate in programs.

Carrasco is the vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter, but he’s also a catcher for the Legacy High School baseball team.

Chavez is the drummer for the group, as well as a member of the Odessa High School band program.

Orneles is the bass player and he also plays basketball at Compass Academy as well as a member of their orchestra.

Revilla now has a degree in music and has the most musical experience.

“My teachers and my coaches have all been very supportive, I had to miss basketball practice last time because my coach was very supportive, and they watched on tv. All my friends, students, classmates, teachers, they’re all very supportive,” said Orneles.

The group practices for at least four hours on Wednesdays and Sundays.

They say that their parents are so supportive of them, that they constantly ask them to practice in their free time.

The competition isn’t until January, but Never 2 Young has to raise enough money for the trip before getting there.

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