Local program aims to improve life for veterans

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Published: Nov. 7, 2022 at 9:53 PM CST
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -As we head toward veterans day, the Permian Warrior Partnership program is dedicated to improve life for veterans and their families in the Permian Basin.

The Permian Warrior partnership’s goal is to connect veterans and their families with resources like housing, higher education, employment, health and more.

The Permian Warrior Partnership have a four step model which is to connect, educate, collect and advocate.

That they use to show veterans the resources they have whether it’s local or national.

Program lead for the Permian Warrior Partnership, Roy Dobbins, served in the US Army for 14 years, and now, he still serves the army by helping out veterans and their families get the help they need.

“My father served, my brother and sister served, my grandfather served, it’s kind of a family tradition. And I continue to serve after my time in the army working for Permian Warrior Partnership,” said Dobbs.

With over 20,000 veterans living in the Permian Basin, the program’s goal is also to improve the quality of life and end veteran suicide.

The Permian Warrior Partnership gets its funding from the Permian Strategic Partnership and the Abell Hanger Foundation.

Both based in West Texas.

Dobbins says there are plenty of ways the community can help veterans better their lives in the Permian Basin, and he says one way to do that is by meeting veterans and hearing what they have to say can go a long way.

“As a community we can better serve our veterans by knowing a veteran. If you don’t know a veteran, make that your goal this year to know a veteran. Hear their story and learn who they are, and what they’re going through personally,” said Dobbs.

Texas has the second largest veteran population with over 1.4 million veterans living in the state.

Dobbins says that being a veteran is much more than just combat.

“Being a veteran isn’t about being in combat. Being a veteran means you raised your right hand and took an oath to defend this country,” said Dobbs.

If you would like to know how you can help the Permian Warrior Partnership click here.