Ten kids officially become adopted in Midland

Recordings of the CBS7 News at 6 broadcast.
Published: Nov. 3, 2022 at 11:10 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -This month is National Adoption Month, which brings awareness and motivates people to welcome children to a permanent family.

Today, was a heart-warming day for some kids that officially became part of a new family.

10 kids in Midland County were excited after officially being adopted by their new family.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services in collaboration with other local organizations, had a celebration today with it’s theme was construction and its motto,”Building a family one day at a time”.

The event was an official midland county court meeting, and families were sworn in before to officially be pronounced parent of their new child.

“Throughout the year, we’ve conducted adoptions for children that have been in the foster care system. it may be one a month, it may be 5, but we do national adoption day. it is a national event and we do it in november, to celebrate the families throughout the year,” said Ellen Griffith.

The kids that were officially adopted were from the foster care system.

Some of them were related to the family that adopted them, others started as complete strangers and have grown into a family.

The kids adopted were all little, but there are teenagers that are also looking for a home.

CASA of West Texas provides advocates for the families trying to adopt kids.

Their Executive Director, Patty Pisklak, says this national event is important for everyone to learn more about.

“One of the things about national adoption day is to create awareness. So, one of the things we want the community to know is that there are so many children that need a permanent home, that includes those teenage children,” said Pisklak.

One Accord for Kids is a non-profit organization that focuses on improving the foster care system in West Texas.

Associate Director for One Accord for Kids, Matt Waller, says even though today was a win for them, there are still lots of kids out there who need permanent homes.

“It’s really great to be here and celebrate these adoptions, I’m really happy to but there’s a lot of kids available for adoption right now. Right now, there’s 78 kids that are over the age of 8 years old that are available for adoption that are from West Texas,” said Waller.

Some of families had already adopted their kids in other counties, but since they went through months and years of working with Midland County, they decided to show up and present their new family.