Andrews family affected by house fire total loss

The fire was caused after a malfunction with the water heater.
Published: Oct. 27, 2022 at 4:55 PM CDT
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ANDREWS, Texas (KOSA) -A fire broke out that totaled the home and left a family in Andrews with only the clothes on their backs.

What started as a normal Tuesday for Gloria Reyes, ended in despair. When she got home from work, she saw smoke in her home.

Immediately she ran to find her mother who was asleep and her daughter who is deaf.

But they didn’t know where the fire was coming from and it wasn’t until later when firefighters figured out that it started from a shortage from the water heater that went underneath the home.

" I went to grab a broom and that’s when I noticed there was smoke coming from my nephews room and then I seen the fire come out and I ran back into my moms room, try to wake her up and tell her there’s a fire in the house. I got my daughter and told her come on there’s a fire,” said Reyes.

Her mother, Cecilia Martinez, says her daughter saved her life.

When firefighters showed up to the scene, they realized there was smoke but no fire.

It wasn’t until they broke through the kitchen floor and realized it was coming from underneath.

at the moment, the family is living in a motel nearby.

Most of the remaining items still in the home are mostly gone and they have received help from a long-time friend, who has donated a trailer home to them and is helping them tear down the house to put the new trailer after.

" The community has been helping us in every which way. I have a friend here that lent us his dumpster and he also gave my mom two trailer houses that he was going to sell. It needs a little work, but it’s good enough to live in,” said family member Marcus Martinez.

Another neighbor who saw the smoke from the distance has been with the family the last two days.

Trying to get them food, clothes, shelter, and shoes.

She also was with Cecilia when she went to the hospital after inhaling smoke from the fire.

“After everybody showered, they started feeling sick out of nowhere. They started coughing and choking. I offered to take Cecilia to the hospital and when we started walking out of the hotel, she started gasping for air and almost fainted on me. So we had to call 911,” said their neighbor Rossana Juarez.

Both Cecilia and her granddaughter have since been released from the hospital.

If you want to help out this family click here.