RSV cases growing in Midland, amongst nationwide surge

RSV cases growing in Midland, amongst nationwide surge
Published: Oct. 26, 2022 at 4:07 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) - RSV stands for Respiratory Syncytial Virus, an acute respiratory infection common in children under the age of 5 in the fall and winter months but can also occur in adults.

Infection Preventionist at Midland Memorial Hospital, Val Sparks, explains ways RSV is spread.

“RSV is spread by direct contact, it’s a very large droplet. So of course, covering those coughs and sneezes is very important, hand hygiene is very important,” Sparks said. “It is a fomite, so it can live on environmental surfaces for up to 30 minutes.”

RSV causes mild cold-like symptoms including runny nose, cough, mild fever and headache.

Last week, Midland Memorial reported 57 RSV cases, 7 being hospitalized and 2 being adults

Sparks said just like across the country, RSV cases are growing in Midland.

“Currently we have two pediatric patients in house under the age of 18 that’s for this week,” Sparks said. “And so far for the last three and a half days, we’ve already had 31 already tested positive through the ER and we still have another half a week to go on our reporting so yes, it is picking up.”

Sparks said RSV and COVID-19 are two unrelated viruses.

She explains treatment for RSV depends on how sick the individual is. If a child is having difficulty breathing, infants grunting its advised to go to the ER and seek medical treatment, because severe cases can lead to pneumonia and bronchitis.

“If you’re sick cover those sneezes, try to teach the kiddos to use the crock of their elbow. If they do sneeze or cough into their hand, they need to do hand hygiene as soon as possible,” Sparks said.

Handwashing and cleaning surfaces are the best methods to prevent RSV here in the community, but if anyone feels the need for medical treatment never hesitate to visit the ER.