Fix West Texas will soon have a permanent clinic

Fix West Texas to receive $12,000 grant
Fix West Texas to receive $12,000 grant
Published: Oct. 19, 2022 at 8:56 PM CDT
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MIDLAND, Texas (KOSA) -Fix West Texas purchased 2.6 acres of land and are going to use that land to build a new clinic.

The new clinic doesn’t have an exact date of when it will open, but it will be located on West County Road 77, behind the Mid-Cities Church.

It is expected to be 70 to 75 hundred square feet.

Fix West Texas has been providing services for animals at an affordable cost, but one issue they struggle with is lack of space to perform surgeries.

As well as the funding to start this project.

Lori Vanhoozer, who’s one of the co-founders, says this new location isn’t just to have a bigger space, but to also to have a permanent location.

“We have seen through our work in the last three years that there is a definite need for low cost spay and neuter vaccinations. We are going to build a large clinic that is going to help us to have a permanent presence here in West Texas for the future,” said Vanhoozer.

Fix West Texas has been trying to build a clinic since they began in 2019.

They raised money through events, campaigns, and donations, but their goal remains the same, which is to reduce the Euthanization rate in shelters in West Texas.

“We do that by spay and neutering to prevent litters that go into shelters. We also want to reduce the disease that we see in our shelters and around town and advocate for Distemper and Parvo vaccinations,” said Vanhoozer.

Vanhoozer says they’re not sure how much money they’ll need to start the clinic, but are estimating to raise 1.5 to 2 million dollars.

Fix West Texas will be having a capital campaign to raise funds for the new clinic.

She says they’re in the process of making a blueprint for their new facility and currently looking to raise money to start it.

They don’t have plans to make any changes toward their services at the time.

Vanhoozer says their clients have been very positive toward their new facility.

“People are already wanting to know when we are moving, especially the people on the west side. It’s gonna be a little closer for them,

Vanhoozer says their veterinarians perform between 30-40 surgeries on a daily basis, so a bigger facility will have a big impact on their day to day operations.