Odessans gather food, clothes to send to Florida to support Hurricane Ian victims

Published: Oct. 11, 2022 at 4:33 PM CDT
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ODESSA, Texas (KOSA) -Odessans have been gathering mostly food and clothes to send to Florida to help those affected by hurricane Ian.

The group of Odessans gather every week to take their kids to flag football games, but now, they’re showing their support toward Florida, by starting a fundraiser.

“Odessa needs to stand for Florida so they can donate stuff because people are going through a lot of stuff, “ said Gage Lowe.

Gage Lowe, is the son of Dustin Lowe. Dustin is a foreman and is currently helping get power restored in Florida after the damage done by hurricane Ian.

Clothes and non-perishable food have been gathered up for weeks now since hurricane Ian..

The group plans to leave early Sunday morning and take the donated items to the group of West Texans in Florida.

Manuel Muniz is one of the Odessans helping gather donations and plans to take a truck load of items to Fort Meyer.

“All the parents brought it up. We were all talking about it and one of our kids, currently his dad is over there, and we saw on the news how bad it was. We kind of all decided to help out and do this little fundraiser for them,” said Muniz.

Dustin Lowe went to Florida last year when hurricane Ida hit in August and his wife says he spent two months there.

Lowe’s wife says there was enough linemen there to restore over two million outages this year.

A local Floridian helped the linemen by allowing them to stay in his condo while they fixed the electric poles.

Muniz has friends apart from Lowe, that also went to Florida to help and will be the one to drive there with the truckload of supplies.

“Anything helps, they can use clean, used clothes I think there’s kids out there that are having to use the same clothes since the hurricane, wet clothes. You know anything helps,” said Muniz.

Lowe’s wife recently told us her husband is expected to comeback sometime this week.

If you would like to donate anything, click here.